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Equine Supported Wellness

We believe that we all have the innate capacity to move towards healing while understanding that wellness involves a holistic approach. Our programs are only able to run because of our equine partners who support our journeys with such grace and dignity. For their gift of presence, we are grateful.

Get to Know Us

Our Equine Supported Wellness programs are run in partnership between Rohan Wood Stables and Clannad Counselling & Consulting Inc.

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Rohan Wood's Story

We are an equestrian facility that began originally as a small family hobby farm in 2002. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a heart to strengthen communities, we are a social enterprise seeking to address gaps and needs in our communities. What was initially a small riding school now hosts Eastern Canada's largest Therapeutic Riding School, is home to the Acadia Equestrian team, and is home to several non-profit organizations. We provide programs for people of all ages and abilities with a special focus in providing supports for those who may struggle with mental health. Our horse-centric focus helps to create non-threatening environments intended to foster positive relationships while promoting active lifestyles. In turn, this is bringing communities together and supporting persons of all ages and abilities.


All of our coaches and staff are trained in trauma informed practices and our coaches are certified with Equestrian Canada. We have seen first hand the positive effects of implementing a trauma responsive approach has had on our business, our riders and families. 

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Clannad's Story

Our story began in the Fall of 2017 with the desire to become leaders in our community in attachment and trauma responsive practices. In 2018, Clannad partnered with a local equestrian and coach Alissa Cue at Rohan Wood Stables (RWS) to offer comprehensive Equine Supported Wellness programs. Our clinicians and our partners at RWS have all been trained in multiple approaches to Equine Assisted Psychotherapies.

Our intention has always been to create connection through community and learning. Our clinic quickly adopted a social enterprise model in order to reduce barriers to care, maximize impact in our community and address the expanding need. We seek to equip our communities and local organizations with supports that create lasting change and form healthy neighborhoods. Understanding the growing need for accessible mental health services in our community has quickly led us to recognize the increasing need for mental health literacy and therapeutic programs. 

Meet our Team

"A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind"  - Bill Bethel


Contact Us

Equine Supported Wellness
Hosted at Rohan Wood Stables

382 Morden Road Aylesford Nova Scotia

Tel: 902-365-3363


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