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Our Educational Groups

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Investment              $45/week

Spring Dates           May 2023


Eligibility                 18 years +

Day & Time             Monday Evenings
                                 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Natural Instincts

Human & Equine Behavior

4 week educational group that observes multiple herds that focuses upon the different stages & development & growth. This program is a learning opportunity for anyone who is interested in how equine behaviour can inform and model healthy relationships. This 4 week program will dive deeply into the natural instincts that horses demonstrate when living in herds at different ages and stages of development. Participants will receive in-depth content on how both horses and humans co-regulate each other, explore relational and attachment patterns and how they develop while considering how equine behaviour can inform our own healthy relationships and journeys of wellness. Participants will observe the different developmental stages through the introduction of 3-4 different herds throughout the program.

Our Therapeutic Programs

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Investment              $75/week

Session Length    2 hours

Spring Dates           April 5 2023


Eligibility                 18 years +
                                 Women Veterans
Day & Time             Wednesdays
                                 Group 1: 10:00am
                                 Group 2: 1:00pm


Strength, Pride, Insight, Relationship, Identity, Trust

8 weeks of groundwork ESW sessions supporting women veterans with monthly lunch and learns & a retreat SPIRIT is designed for all women CAF/RCMP Veterans (a VAC award is not required to participate). Individuals who identify from the 2SlGBTQ+ community are welcomed and encouraged to apply. This program contains two components that run simultaneously. The first component involves 8 weeks of Equine Supported Wellness Sessions (ESW). Participants will have the opportunity to spend time at Rohan Wood Stables with a small herd of gentle and compassionate horses. Participants will be guided through carefully constructed exercises with the support of a Mental Health Professional and an Equine Specialist. The intention of these sessions is to allow for opportunities of reflection in how some of our patterns may keep us feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Weekly intention and attention will be placed upon supporting ourselves to settle into the space and experience moments of presence. These sessions occur once per week and are 2 hours in length for the full 8 weeks. Although 8 weeks of this program involves working with horses, it is important to note that absolutely no previous horse experience is required. The second portion of the program involves monthly Lunch and Learn opportunities. The Lunch and Learn opportunities are carefully designed to allow all participants to gather together to focus upon different topics that support our learning as we seek to move towards greater wellness. These Lunch and Learns include fun and engaging therapeutic experiences, relaxed and informal community workshops, and opportunities to connect with one another through shared experiences. Together these program components will provide participants with the opportunity to connect with other women Veterans in a safe environment while learning new skills, discovering strengths, inspiring one another and exploring the healing power of relationships.

Copy of Stable Ground Promo.png
Copy of Copy of Stable Ground Promo.png

Investment              $75/week

Session Length       90 minutes

Spring Dates           April 4 - May 9 2023
        or                     May 16 - June 20 


Eligibility                 13 -17 years 
Day & Time             Tuesdays
                                 12:30pm - 2:00pm


Harnessing Connection

6 weeks of groundwork ESW sessions supporting youth struggling with anxiety, depression & peer relationships This program is specifically designed for youth who are experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness. Participants will have opportunities to gain further understanding of the impact of anxiety and worry and develop or strengthen skills to support regulation. Topics covered will include navigating loneliness, managing challenging peer relationships and coping with intense emotions. Our carefully designed curriculum will walk participants through 6 weeks of intentional exercises that enhances distress tolerance, promotes problem solving, builds self-awareness and challenges perceptions around wellness.

Stable Ground Promo.png
Copy of Stable Ground Promo (1).png

Investment              $45/week


Session Length       60 minutes

Spring Dates           May 1 - June 12 '23


Eligibility                 18 years +
Day & Time             Mondays
                                 Group 1: 1:00pm
                                 Group 2: 2:00pm


A Mindfully Supported Riding Program

6 weeks of mindful riding where basic riding instruction and mindfulness skills will be taught. Stable Ground is a 6 week riding program carefully designed to teach mindfulness techniques through the instruction of introductory horseback riding skills. All sessions are facilitated by our highly trained staff involving both an Equine Specialist & Coach and a Mental Health Professional. Participants will have opportunities to build connections with their horse, learn riding skills, while experiencing an improvement of mood, gaining an increase awareness of emotional needs, and developing positive social connections

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Copy of Reining in our Resources.png

Investment              $75/week

Fall Dates                TBD


Eligibility                 18 years +
Day & Time             TBD


Recovering our Resilience

6 weeks of groundwork that addresses our feelings of fatigue, burnout and loneliness. The global pandemic has only heightened our feelings of loneliness, isolation and weariness. Now more than ever we are needing connection and some semblance of “normal”. This program is specifically designed around enhancing our experiences of connection by providing education on healthy relationships, reducing feelings of loneliness and providing opportunities to explore the hidden supports that may be available. We all encounter times in our life where we feel exhausted and are just ‘going through the motions’. With a shift in perspective, participants will discover resources that will help to support their fatigue and isolation.

2022 Participant

"I was surprised at how much I looked forward to my time here every Monday afternoon. This participation gave me a great amount of joy and anticipation to come and then afterwards, complete contentment and happiness"

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Equine Supported Wellness
Hosted at Rohan Wood Stables

382 Morden Road Aylesford Nova Scotia

Tel: 902-365-3363


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